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As yet another sign of the coming Git-pocalypse, Atlassian is dropping support for hosted Subversion from Atlassian OnDemand.

I previously showed how you could build an article series list with Jekyll using Liquid. This time I use a custom Liquid tag instead of a Liquid script-let.

I show how, with Jekyll and Liquid and some clever-ness, you can build a dynamic article series list for sites.

The Valve folks talked at UDS this year about Steam for Linux, what it means, and what is coming.

I did some site updates - let me know if you have problems!

Google Guice (my favorite DI framework for Java) has a neat extension called "Multibindings" that allows you to auto-magically inject a collection of objects that implement a particular interface. This allows you to model SPI-style interfaces with ease.

Multimaps are one of the many collections in Google Guava. I describe why you might want to use them.

A few weeks ago I posted that I had just moved to CloudFlare for my Media Temple hosted site. Here are my experiences 3 weeks later.

Media Temple is offering free integration with Media Temple-hosted sites with the CloudFlare CDN performance accelerator.

Spark is a new micro-application-server for Java that models itself after Ruby's Sinatra library. While it's still Java, it shows that minimalism is possible with this crufty old language.