The new Android 1.6 SDK (for the upcoming 1.6 platform) is now available. This SDK is based on the logical successor to ‘Cupcake’: Donut.

I am happy to let you know that Android 1.6 SDK is available for download. Android 1.6, which is based on the donut branch from the Android Open Source Project, introduces a number of new features and technologies. With support for CDMA and additional screen sizes, your apps can be deployed on even more mobile networks and devices. You will have access to new technologies, including framework-level support for additional screen resolutions, like QVGA and WVGA, new telephony APIs to support CDMA, gesture APIs, a text-to-speech engine, and the ability to integrate with Quick Search Box. What’s new in Android 1.6 provides a more complete overview of this platform update.

As a user, I’m particularly excited about the quick-search support; however as a prospective Android developer, the CDMA support is a big one. That’s a sure sign to me that Android will start showing up everywhere.

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